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We welcome you to the New York practice of Dr. Dominick Servedio Audiology and Dr. Barbara Grossman AuD. Dr. Servedio has over 24 years of Clinical Audiology experience specializing in diagnostic audiology and amplification. Dr. Grossman has over 27 years experience as a Clinical Audiologist specializing in diagnostic Audiology and Vestibular disorders.

The goal of our practice is to provide you with the best possible hearing care based upon your individual needs. Services provided include diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention of hearing impairment.

We respect and value your time. We do everything we can to allot ample time for each appointment so patients can have time to ask questions and become informed.

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An unsolicited reference. . . . . .12/2015   While on a holiday visit to NYC I experienced trouble with my Oticon hearing aid. This device was fitted in Buffalo,NY and I am now a resident of Hilton Head Island,SC. After calling at least four offices( most had answering machines or answering services with no “human voices” who could respond to my request).
The friendly,accommodating receptionist at Dr Servedio’s office was Extremely helpful and told me to “come right over” and I could see the doctor. I was thrilled that I would be able to consult with a professional who would attempt to solve my problem.
When I arrived at the office I was able to see the doctor and in a short amount of time he was able to identify the problem as well as solve it to my satisfaction. I found Dr Servedio to be understanding and professional in working with me. I wasn’t a current patient and yet he offered his time and expertise to help solve my dilemma. He certainly Saved the Day for Me!!   Anita M.  A SATISFIED NYC VISITOR