With the warmer weather comes a potential build up of moisture in the hearing aids.  Keeping the aid dry is essential for proper functioning.  Drying the aid with a soft cloth will keep the earmold and outside of the aid dry, but there are sensitive parts of the aid that you cannot reach.  Here are some tips to help you maintain proper working order of the aid:

A good investment would be to purchase a hearing aid humidifier or dry aid kit.  By placing the hearing aid in the humidifier each night you allow the aid to thoroughly dry.

If you are into sports, the use of a hearing aid sweat band will protect your aid from dampness or wetness due to perspiration.

Moisture can get inside the tubing that connects the earmold to the aid.  You may need to have the tubing replaced if you notice moisture build up in the tube.

If you will be traveling this summer it is always a good idea to make an appointment for a routine hearing aid check.  This way you will know for sure that your aid is in perfect condition.  Remember to bring extra batteries, a hard case for storing your hearing aids, and your dry aid kits.

These simple tricks will help you to maintain your aids and have a worry free summer


Barbara Grossman, AuD.