Dogs are like people too………….

Tele-Audiology has been a buzz word for some time now.  It is a model that has been used with medicine and now Audiology has been dabbling with it especially in remote areas of the country where access to professionals is limited or too far to travel to.

Just by accident I recently had the opportunity to see its merits in action.  My sister called me three weeks ago upset by the fact that her dog Sydni who was showing signs of walking into walls and falling over to one side.  Sydni Showing Signs of Distibular Disorder|Barbara Grossman, AUD at Dominick Servedio AudiologyShe called her vet who said it was either a stroke or an inner ear disturbance and she should watch her over the weekend and call on Monday if it was not resolved.  Being an Audiologist specializing in balance disorders I had to see for myself.  So thanks to modern technology she Skyped me and I took a look.  Low and behold I saw Sydni’s extreme case of horizontal nystagmus and confirmed the diagnosis of inner ear disturbance!  We all had a sigh of relief knowing it was not the stroke we feared.   We got her on Dramamine to help make her more comfortable and several days later it had resolved itself.