Laurel Vs Yanni at Dominick Servedio AudiologyLast week the Internet went crazy over an auditory illusion asking the question, did you hear Yanni or Laurel?   A few years ago we had the same craze over the color of a dress!  So what makes it so hard for people to agree on what they are hearing???

Both Yanni and Laurel have sounds that are made up of similar continuous airflow in from the vocal tract.  We know these sounds as vowels and consonants such as y,w,r,l.  Therefore it is easy to create the illusion of these sounds being similar.  Hearing loss can vastly change your perception of which word you hear depending upon how well you hear low frequency vs. high frequency cues.  In this particular debate some hypothesize that some background noise in the recording might have altered how you heard the words.


But it has been revealed, that what he was actually saying was. . . . . .


was LAUREL!!!

The take away message here is that people are now talking about what they heard and therefore they are paying attention to their hearing!!  As we are heading out of the month of May which was Better Speech and Hearing month we hope that people will take the time to pay attention to their hearing and have their annual Audiological evaluation.