These are challenging times and many people are not sure whether it is safe to see their healthcare providers.   Now more than ever it is so important to maintain your health and your hearing is no exception.  Now that we are beginning to see some restrictions lifted and can visit with friends and family, keeping social distancing measures in place, our hearing becomes vital.  The need to use masks and keep 6 feet apart makes hearing that much more of a challenge.  Research has shown that untreated hearing loss can lead to feelings of isolation and depression which is already so prevalent.

An Audiological evaluation is the first step to determine if you have any hearing loss.  Many hearing losses are treatable with the use of hearing aids. Did you know that advanced technology has now been incorporated into the hearing healthcare arena. With exciting new technology, many hearing aid manufacturers have implemented remote programming and troubleshooting of hearing aids as a means of promoting telehealth.

Dominick Servedio AuD, Safety Covid-19During the past few months our office had taken heightened measures to ensure that our patients feel safe and comfortable following the new mandated regulations.  New procedures include:

  • Upon making an appointment you will be asked several questions to make sure you are not symptomatic.
  •  If you display any symptoms on the day of your visit call the office to reschedule.
  • Appointments will be scheduled in a way that promotes social distancing.
  • New patients will be required to complete initial intake forms online prior to their appointment.
  • You must wear a mask to enter the building as well as our office.
  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands as you enter the office.
  • The waiting room has been designed to maximize social distancing.
  • The patient must come unaccompanied. For those patients who need assistance we ask that only one other person comes with them.
  • Appointment intervals have been extended to insure there is time in between patients to disinfect the office.
  • Our staff will be wearing recommended PPE.

Our commitment to our patient’s health and safety is our number one priority.  Feel free to contact our office for any questions you may have regarding our office procedures during this time.