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It is quite easy to order your batteries. CLICK HERE to order them ONLINLE, or call us at 917-441-6094. Just let us know what type of battery you use and the number of packs you want. Batteries are $5.00 per card. (join our battery club for a discount)  You will receive the batteries within a few days by mail.Here is a listing of battery types typically used in our hearing aids:

#10 Yellow Tab
#13 Orange Tabservedio batterie FINAL
#312 Brown Tab
#675 Blue Tab

We offer our patients an opportunity to receive a one year supply of batteries by subscribing to our BATTERY CLUB. Membership is $40.00 and entitles you to 10 packages of batteries. When needed, give us a call and we will ship the batteries to you.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CLUB.