Musician Custom Ear Plugs

Musician’s earplugs were designed to provide even sound reduction across frequency so that when you wear them, you hear all the music, but at a slightly reduced volume.

They are composed of two parts:

1) a soft silicone earpiece that has been molded to the shape of your ear

2) and an attenuator.

The earpiece has a hollow cavity that is tuned to resonate at the same frequency as the average ear canal so that when you insert the Musician’s earplugs you do not get that stuffed up “talking with my head in a barrel” effect that you get with solid earplugs. The attenuators come in three levels of attenuation (sound reduction): ER-9, ER-15, and ER-25. The higher the number, the more sound is reduced. ER-9s are great for classical and jazz musicians. The ER-15s are the most popular and are used by a variety of musicians from heavy classical, to country, folk and rock and roll. The ER-25s are great for drum and bugle corps and to wear if your performance leans more toward levels of Metallica than Moody Blues. Non-custom ER-20’s are also available.
Audible Difference not only fits your ears with these custom earplugs, but help you find the right earplugs for your specific needs. We get a “fingerprint” of your hearing system using the latest computerized assessment (distortion product otoacoustic emission testing). We also test your hearing with and without the earplugs to measure the attenuation characteristics once they are in your ears to make sure they fit great and provide the sound reduction and sound quality that they were designed to produce


In-Ear Monitors

In-Ear monitors allow you to get rid of your stage monitors and substitute monitors in your ears that provide accurate studio quality sound with the mix that you want. You hear what you want without feedback or exposure to ear-piercing levels. Custom earpieces molded for your ears enclose patented transducers for the ultimate in live monitoring. The modular transducers are studio-quality and can be used in recording sessions, transcriptions, and in live performances.